Our Experienced Skateboard Instructor Team

Experienced Skateboard Instructor Team | Homage Skateboard Academy in Brooklyn, NY 11217

Learning to Skateboard & the Skateboarding Culture

The Homage Skateboard Academy is an indoor skateboarding educational facility. Our experienced instructors love to teach skateboarding and are constantly progressing in their teaching abilities, just like their skating abilities. We think that skateboarding is more than just a physical activity though, so we also teach about skateboarding culture and how skateboarding can change the way a person perceives their surroundings.

Our facilities allow for a teaching program suited to anyone interested in putting their two feet on a board, no matter how young or old, or what style of skateboarding the student is interested in. We can teach the basics of just riding on flat ground, or we can teach tricks and how to skate obstacles.

Skateboarding for many is a life-long commitment, a process of constant evolution. To learn even the basics of skateboarding takes a lot of time and effort, and just like with learning to play an instrument, the more time one spends practicing, the faster the rate of learning will be.